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Real life bits + Online bits that resonate  

** Facade tumblr the inactive but 'primary' tumblr; sorry for the confusion.   

Kunal is one of my favorite male friends, and a big reason for that is his active empathy.  He instigates better personal understanding of even completely foreign concepts, like the challenges of a female.  He is confident enough to drink the drink he pleases regardless of perception, or spend a night drinking wine and watching a ‘chick flick’.  But most of all, he makes an honest effort for a healthy relationship.  As his wife once told me, “I’m don’t know if we would have made it through all this time if it weren’t for him”*. 

He’s one of the manliest men I know.  

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For an hours I stared at the screen attempting to explain life exists through an invisible barrier that dulls everything such that excitement is a memory and happiness contained in moments.  

People understand I lost my brother, but they don’t understand how much of myself I lost with him.  The patience I need is for the lengthy process of trying to piece myself together with what is left.  

Diana: I'm so hungover!!!
Karla: Bahahahaha where did you go?
Me: From what?
Diana: From mixing wine and vodka at my house
Me: Why would you mix those two together? I'm so confused
Diana: Me too! I don't know why I did it. MAJOR drinking foul
Karla: Rookie FAIL. Con razon no me pelaste anoche cuando estaba peda y triste
Diana: My phone was dead.
Karla: At your house? That's not a viable excuse, loser
Eric: Did you ever settle on which heels you were going to keep?
Me: Ha ha I'm in Boston proper now so I made my final decision on all footwear that day :)
Eric: Yay! You're much closer to me. Now I have more excuses to go to Boston!
Me: I'm excited to see you more than just annually! And if nothing else maybe it means I text you at more reasonable hours. Maybe.
Eric: That sounds like a wonderful set of circumstances.

Just found out our 20+year old cocktail bird died.

I realized he was super old, but I’m still super sad.

Put on contacts at night just to do yoga, take them off and go to bed.

Problems of the hard of seeing.

I wasn’t done having fun and I’m still awake.

Having a curfew is weird.

Without a place for everything, it sure is hard to keep this place neat